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The Corona virus pandemic has commenced, which has led to the era of social distancing. All of people over the world have to stay indoor in a prolonged period. Sure, you and I have a lot of free time on your hands, and it's natural for boredom to hit. After all, we can only go through our usual stay-at-home activities, like reading a new book browsing social media so many times. And the new and popular Netflix shows in your queue? That's not all. You should try to do a wooden jigsaw puzzles with your beloved.

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1. Best for kids

2. Best for adults

3. Best for everyone

4. Best difficult

5. Best easy

Putting wooden puzzles are not only challenging brain teasers, but also the perfect activity to keep both kids and adults busy for a couple of hours. Eventually, once you've made something pretty, you can find a wooden jigsaw puzzle frame and hang it on the wall, or you can take the puzzle apart and put it together again and again. Below, we've provided some of our favorite puzzles for your children and you that the whole family can enjoy. The only other things you need are patience—and wide empty space.

1.Best for kids:

This is a great activity for youngsters. To get an engaging puzzle that's not too difficult, check out the 110-piece Little Kitty puzzle. This wooden jigsaw puzzle is an adorable cat and ideal for children above the age of 7, bringing both well-developed strategy and imaginative thinking. Younger kids might need a little help, but most should be able to finish it on their own. 

This puzzle is a perfect gift for your dynamic boys. The Dino has three sizes suitable for kids ages 7 and up, or it is useful for children less if you assist them to work on. Dino puzzles are designed with a view to inspiring curiosity about the surrounding world. Your children will be keen to discover prehistoric creatures including dinosaurs, after that they wonder what happened to them. 

This puzzle shows sea creatures such as octopus, turtles and whales. They allow kids to explore and learn the marine environment. The love and inquisitiveness for animals of kids will be encouraged by wooden jigsaw puzzles having such animal topics. 

2.Best for adults:

The 300-piece Iridescent Chameleon features a colorful Chameleon design that changes from pink to blue to purple with beautiful light-reflecting details. Made from Formaldehyde-free basswood material with precision-cut pieces, this is a high-quality jigsaw puzzle you can assemble it together again and again. It measures about 20x20 inches after finishing.

You can get a sense of peace through this puzzle with the theme: Under The Sea. It displays vivid tones of blues and reds that help bring the image to life making it perfect for any sea lover. This 500 piece puzzle features a beautiful scenery of sea creatures including turtles, fishes, and coral, which makes the image great to assemble as it brings color to any space. How relaxed it is!

The puzzle is a portrait of the Lion featuring the colourful design changes from pink to yellow to blue and green with beautiful light-reflecting details. The colours are divided into 6 strips. It looks easy, but you can mistake the places of pieces for ones which have the same hue. As a fan of lions you’ve found some really beautiful puzzles! When you finish this puzzle, you are able to frame it and hang on the living room to impress your friends.

3.Best for everyone:

The difficulty level of our bee puzzle varies depending on the size puzzle you choose, so it is the perfect intermediate level for adults, teens, and even some kids. This wooden puzzle is in the shape of a rectangle, and is not like our other puzzles that are designed according to animal shapes.

This puzzle tells you a story of a turtle that comes back to the ocean every day with a message: "Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again". Besides, the main colors are blue and yellow, which brings warmth and relaxation to you. After you wake up, just look at the completed puzzle for a while, you can be full of life and motivated to start a new task. 

This puzzle illustrates some hummingbirds which are flying around six flower vases. There is a clear layout for this design, and its details are simple. Additionally, with the letters: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind", this will help you to easily predict the places where those pieces are. Thus, the Hummingbirds Be Kind Canvas Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a perfect puzzle for new players if they pick a 180-piece puzzle. And if you are an expert, the 500-pieces puzzle is suitable for you because the number of white pieces will expand, you are likely to be confused with their locations.

4.Best difficult:

If you prefer a challenge, the 300-piece Red Octopus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle will keep you occupied for hours—and maybe days. Unlike most jigsaws produced by other brands, this finished puzzle isn't rectangular but rather shaped like an octopus, which is perfect for adults who crave a challenge. While each piece has a unique shape, the colours are nearly indistinguishable from those next to it. Concentrating to find the accurate piece is part of the fun and makes completing the whole puzzle the more satisfying.

If you really want to splurge on a challenging puzzle, check out this 500 Hippie Octopus puzzle! It is definitely a fun puzzle. You’ll definitely need a dedicated space to assemble this puzzle, as it’s likely to take you weeks to complete. The colours and the details are intricate and remarkably similar. It is sure that you will feel overwhelming at first sight. But just imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ve finished the puzzle! Pure genius!

The puzzle features an exotic cat hiding in the Tropical Forest, around flowers. While this puzzle isn’t quite as difficult as the two puzzles above, this one is tricky enough. There are very small different details, so almost each piece is a different color. When the puzzle is assembled, it is actually quite beautiful – you might want to save it and frame it! If you need a few tips, go to this article: Some tips make wooden jigsaw puzzles easier. Hopefully those guides will ensure the period of building your puzzles is a really fun and relaxing time for all and that no puzzles are left unfinished! 

5.Best easy:

This puzzle is made of high-quality basswood and printed with a cute dog design.  And each of the 110 pieces is laser-cut into a unique, irregular profile. They are also treated with smooth surface, high-quality, durable and corrosion-resistant, and there is a protective layer after eco-friendly dyeing treatment. That why's it can be preserved for decades, hung on the wall, or used for display purposes.

This Save Our Earth Puzzle offers puzzlers a message: "Help more bees - Plant more trees - Clean the seas" with illustration figures. For example, the letters: "Help more bees" will be accompanied by a bee, which is similar to the rest letters. The picture is simple! So if you are a complete novice at playing the jigsaw puzzles, don't worry. It will not make you bored, or even frustrated because of the difficult degree. 

All of our wooden jigsaw puzzles, coming with a box and a bag are made of Formaldehyde-free basswood material and printed with non-toxic ink, you can rest assured that this product is not only safe but also eco-friendly. The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee to cover any missing pieces.

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